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(record review)GILMAN MOM-Revisionist History

Gilman Mom is a project from Berkeley, California that recently released the new record called Revisionist History. I listened to the record and reviewed it for this zine.


The music of this record can not be easily described into one box. It is experimental, droning, synth electronic ambient record. It contains 8 songs of ambiental yet melodic soundscapes and I can hear even some dungeon synth influences on some songs. What I love is the clever use of spoken word samples like for example in Eucalyptus or A Particularly Hopeless Night.

For me this record represents, as I understood it, personal catharsis after some hopelessness and despair. It means the soundtrack for finding the new meanings, new goals and accepting ourselves for how and what we are. Sometimes, some things are impossible to change, no matter how much we try and want them to be changed. If you are broad minded and think outside the box, try this one.






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